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Of course, when the calendar says St. Patrick’s Day, we all start thinking GREEN….
But we’ve found that we can be green year ’round, particularly with outdoor and casual events.
We’ve had great success using BIOCOMPOSTABLE products made from corn starch.  These cups, plates, and utensils are an environmentally friendly alternative to the typical plastic pieces we’ve used and thrown away for years.
The company we like is but a simple Internet search would give you others as well.
The prices are slightly higher than non-biodegradable plastics, but you might find that investing a little more green in products that are GREEN is a good decision for you and your guests!

Not sure where to start when sending out invitations and correspondence? Make your next purchase the Crane’s Blue Book,
which will guide you through every imaginable scenario.
Cheers, The Coordinated Event Troops

If you’re planning an outdoor wedding, be sure to involve Party Rental Professionals early on in the process. Since you will not be a full service banquet facility, you need to make sure you have all your bases (tents, glassware, china) covered and you have budgeted accordingly.
~Cheers, The Coordinated Event Team

If hosting a buffet dinner at your house, consider setting up stages for each course to avoid long lines.
Then, encourage your guests to head to their favorite station first- the flow will
be far better than lining up each course in one area.
Cheers, The Coordinated Event Troops

Hosting a baby shower?  A great ice breaker would be to purchase onesies and decorating supplies (fabric markers and puffy paint) and lay out the onesies so guests can decorate one for the mom-to-be when they arrive. This will get people chatting and give the guest of honor some great onesies to get her started.
~Cheers, The Coordinated Event Troops

When making a punch, add ice cubes made from the actual punch so that it stays cold without getting diluted.
Cheers, The Coordinated Event Troops