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Being GREEN can be very ENTERTAINING

Of course, when the calendar says St. Patrick’s Day, we all start thinking GREEN….
But we’ve found that we can be green year ’round, particularly with outdoor and casual events.
We’ve had great success using BIOCOMPOSTABLE products made from corn starch.  These cups, plates, and utensils are an environmentally friendly alternative to the typical plastic pieces we’ve used and thrown away for years.
The company we like is but a simple Internet search would give you others as well.
The prices are slightly higher than non-biodegradable plastics, but you might find that investing a little more green in products that are GREEN is a good decision for you and your guests!

2 Responses to “Being GREEN can be very ENTERTAINING”
  1. Hi man! I completely agree with your thoughts. Many thanks for having written this.

  2. Thanks for this information and for your website on the whole. I’ve just subscribed to it.

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